Restorationist Paper 7

Good morning folks, I shared the below in a couple of public forums, but felt inclined to share it directly with you today: As we yet remain rather divided on the subject of the GP/GS/etc, I’ve pondered for the last several days how we might end this division and reconcile. The Lord’s answer suggests that we contritely bring our dispute to him, and hear his part. Implicit in this is the possibility that if a dispute still exists, it’s possible neither side has yet heard His part. Anyway, I’d love to pray with any and every one of you, most especially those who have taken a position different from mine. As schedules and distances make that challenging, I’ve recorded and transcribed the prayer Mai and I offered tonight so that any of you fine brothers and sisters so inclined can join in petitioning the Lord to heal this division. The idea I have in mind is sort of a virtual prayer meeting spread over the next few days, where you will now have read the prayer I offered, and if you’re inclined to share your prayers with me, as though we were in the same room kneeling together and praying aloud, I’d like that very much. If there is a way any of us can bring this more physically into the real world over the next several days — schedule permitting on all sides, I’d like that even more. I’d love to get together in person, or on video conference, or on the phone, or via carrier pigeon to ask the Lord to heal us. Fair warning on reading my prayer; I only edited the most egregious problems with the written form. All of the run-ons, danglers, awkward transitions, etc. remain in tact, just as though you were here in my living room with me tonight. My prayer can be downloaded as a PDF at:

Grace and peace to you all. I regard you as brothers and sisters in Christ. Please pray with me. I love you more than I love whatever process I’ve advocated or votes I’ve cast in the past. I believe God can bring us back together, as one. -Taylor Child

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  1. Taylor – I love your prayer. May I ask – where does the number 441 come from? I was not aware of a vote on line for the Aug 5 document, and that’s way too large a number for it to be those who attended the meeting personally or on line.

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