Restorationist Paper 6

I support the idea of taking the August Guide and Standard to the Lord before proceeding with any other process. The Lord will tell us what is acceptable to Him and what is not. We will not be in any worse condition than we currently are and can proceed with a new process if it is not what He would like. If it is not acceptable to the Lord, it will answer any question regarding it being acceptable and we can proceed. If we don’t ask, we won’t know. On the other hand, if we ask and it is acceptable, then who are we to go against that and say it isn’t? If it is acceptable, it is acceptable, regardless of opinions as to its condition. I feel we have been given revelation from Jeff Savage in the original Governing Principles and again in the new Guide and Standard from August. Those who worked on this sacrificed and grew as individuals; I respect their work and sacrifice. I believe that revelation from God can come to an individual and a group together working on a common goal. Those at the meetings reported amazing experiences of light. We should expect this and we should expect it to continue, if we continue to humble ourselves and practice Christlike behavior. I trust their revelations and respect their individual efforts. I believe this test is more than just the document itself. It is a test in our behavior towards each other. Will we trust each other? Will we trust that others can receive revelation from God? This is a test to see if we can trust, respect, and treat others with dignity and love while working together for a common goal. As we grow and learn as a people, we will get better at principles in practice. 91% agreement is a major accomplishment, as said in the paper. Why don’t we ask the Lord if it is enough and not rely on our own flesh? He knows the hearts of everyone and can tell us if it is acceptable. If it is not acceptable, then we can repent and together can decide on a process to continue. Natali Gibson

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