Restorationist Paper 2

In regards to the Gospel Principals something from the Answer & Covenant comes to mind after reading the Restoration Paper 1. We labored, and attempted to come together in mutual agreement over what to add and what to remove. We afterwards presented the results to the Lord for approval. In doing so we were first told that our offering lacked many of his words and was riddled with errors throughout and also contained many things that were not of Him. He then offered some corrections and revelations before saying: “I, the Lord, say to you, with these additions, what you have gathered as scriptures are acceptable to me for this time, and contain many plain and precious things.” While our offering wasn’t perfect I note that it was nevertheless acceptable for his purposes for the present time. Is the document labored over titled Gospel Principals any different? In the end wasn’t there still disagreement regarding what to keep and what to remove? Wasn’t mutual agreement required of us there too? Well one difference is that while we presented the final draft of the scriptures to the Lord for approval and correction, the Guiding principles wasn’t. If the scriptures were acceptable to our Lord despite its deficiencies then why not the Gospel Principals document as well? Don’t we trust Him to respond to our request to accept the final draft of the Gospel Principals the same way He responded to the offered scriptures? Personally I wasn’t so hot on the final result that I had read. I felt better could and should be done and that there were important scriptural nuances that were not clarified that should be clarified. So what? Don’t we already know that more will be coming not only regarding the scriptures but regarding this document as well which will be part of our scriptures? We never even presented the efforts of our labors to Him for His approval in the first place! Is our first offering designed or required to be without errors or to contain all of His words or even words that are only His? It wasn’t for the scriptures and He has said that He can bring us all to knowledge and wisdom to fix such things and that we are to look upon our brother with charity. Instead isn’t our first offering designed to reveal the disposition and desires of our hearts and to show whether we are humble and have charity? I am now persuaded and believe that what we have is acceptable for now and desire to present it to Him for approval in faith that in doing so he will respond and correct this offering the same way he did the scriptures offering. -Daniel Motola

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