Restorationist Paper 1

This ‘Restorationist Paper 1’ is the one displayed on the Home page:

Please add your own testimony to persuade by pure knowledge that the invitation is to all our covenant Brothers and Sisters to restore the process unfinished with the August 5th Guide and Standard as an expression of our understanding of His Will—That we may unitedly petition the Lord our God in the same way the balance of the scriptures were presented, that we may obtain His voice and acceptance or correction on this labor presented according to His commands. To accomplish this, if you desire to do so, please add your name onto the list using the entry box on this page.

To add your testimony, please send it via the ‘Contact Us’ page

(since we haven’t yet worked out a better way) and we will post it for you unchanged. Please try not to add your ‘testimony’ to the comments section below any ‘Restorationist Paper’ post as it will only appear there as a comment below that post. Thank you and God bless you!

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