The Lord’s Requested Prayer for Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs

Prayer for Guide and Standard – November 16, 2017

Father Ahman, in the name of your Son we approach you in meekness. We who are among the weakest of the family you are trying to now establish lay down our weapons of war and seek to bury them forever from before your face. We are saddened for the ongoing dispute that continues to curse this people, like a plague of Egypt always designed to bring us to our knees in abject humility before you, yet somehow we continue to refuse, and like Egypt, we think we know better. Our cry goes out to you this day as a covenant body newly born yet stubborn and proud. O God, forgive us our trespasses toward you and toward one another. We come from a long history of false traditions that are not easy to overcome, and impossible without you. Yet in spite of all you have done to teach us and show us your way and your will, we choose to love the darkness more than the light and wear our weakness with ridiculous pride. Please help us! Save us, O God, from the seemingly endless stream of sins committed in the process of writing this statement of principles you have required at our hands!

Since the beginning of this process many of us have rejected the original gift you offered, our hearts being not right before you but with many good intentions. We have tried your word and even among the disputed parties almost all have declared the work done first by our dear Brother Jeff Savage, in his faithfulness to you, to be inspired. We have witnessed him labor against great difficulty yet with only a desire to serve you and to make peace among the covenant family. Still we as a people have sought to throw these things down. We have declared them to be past their usefulness. We have demoted your gift to simply a work that got things started but that the time to accept it has now passed. We have succumbed to every wind of doctrine to set this gift aside and reason ourselves justified to start something new. We have assembled those who felt called and they received many things from you, but we as a body have continued to fight over and reject those things. Every attempt at unity was rejected in spite of the testimonies born of your hand in the work. We have assembled new attempts out of fear over the potential loss of the covenant, yet you have shown that your wisdom and mercy is greater than the wisdom of men and you offered the covenant in spite of our many failings and set the requirement for a statement of principles (a guide and standard) outside the covenant.

You have revealed to us our weakness and laid bare our sins, yet even still we have not forsaken them. Even while we try to recover your words in scripture from the corruption of time and neglect and the ambitions and vain imaginations of men from the day you first revealed those words to this one. Still even as we seek to restore those words we revile against you again and discard and neglect what you speak to us now—the revelation of your hand in the gifts given to men and women in our day. There are many of us that will only accept what comes through your servant we know as Denver, seeming to declare that no other has authority to speak or serve the covenant body of Christ but him. Others will only accept the words spoken in the past as a way to fulfill what you require of us. and avoid the idolatry of a living prophet. So many now seem to cry ‘lo here,’ and ‘lo there,’ each with their own revelation that requires all to submit or else we are not one, and hence…not yours. Many continue to suffer great abuses, division, and accusation at the hands of the family in your name even as you warned us not to continue in that dark path. We have heeded you not, almost as though you had not spoken. It reveals our deep unbelief, our disbelief at all you have and are doing. Please, O merciful God, forgive this covenant people our damnable behavior! Hide not your face from us because of our shame. Please, O Lord, continue to reveal yourself until all our sins are exposed and are purged from us or we retire from our shame and make ourselves pruned from the vineyard by our own lyings and deceivings and all our abominations which we practice before you. We deserve all the wrath and cursings we have brought, and will bring, upon our own heads if we persist acting with impudence before you. Draw near unto us, O Lord, that your face may be continually before us that we sin not!

We desire to reject all that is untrue and that compels and denies your gifts. We acknowledge that your spirit is just beginning to be poured out on all flesh. We acknowledge that all are equal before you, none can say above another that if any man or woman speak they must be regarded as having your words. The truth alone compels belief. We acknowledge that we see through a glass darkly and our knowledge of things as they are and as they were and as they will be is nothing but blindness and confusion before you. We pray for mercy as we seek after you and plead for additional light to be sent to illuminate the path back to the gospel as it was at the very beginning. As we do so Father forgive us our faltering and differing views.

We offer this prayer and work to you on behalf of our brothers and sisters but in doing so we obligate no one to accept it as such for them. All are free to choose and we desire to preserve agency and to seek everlasting equality among us. We acknowledge the efforts of our brothers and sisters in the various paths being presented to you. We have witnessed the work from the first moment it was presented to the body for acceptance until today. Though we reject many of the efforts that have been presented we acknowledge their desires to serve you and to unite all the family. We too desire the same. We hope for mercy for our failings as we seek to perform the labor you have given to us, according to the best understanding of your will as we currently have. We pray that through your work you will unite the family of God as we cannot. Please grant our brothers and sisters your mercy and forgiveness, even as we are in desperate need of it for ourselves.

In this labor we present to you now we have sought your will and have brought our dispute before you to learn your part according to your promise. We have sought reconciliation with our covenant brothers and sisters and we have sought to avoid the contentions and accusations that earn for ourselves the title, ‘Satan.’ We have largely failed in our efforts, yet in your everlasting mercy and in your understanding of our awful state of blindness you have given us that which we have sought for to answer our pleas for ‘your part.’

You have made it clear to our minds that you desire for us to accept everything you have revealed to us as a covenant body regarding the Guide and Standard. This begins with us repenting of our rejection of your words and declaring to you that we accept the original work performed by our brother Jeff Savage, which was testified to as accepted by you so as to be placed in the preview volume of the Restoration Edition of the scriptures. We declare that we accept those inspired revisions made, initially by the scriptures team and later by a committee of equals self-selected to revisit the matter in order that testimony might have been born to all the body concerning your hand in that small and simple, but great, work. We declare that we accept all the new revelations that came out from another similar committee of equals that self-selected again for the sake of mercy and unity to try and bring all to the same knowledge of your hand in this work and who sought diligently your will to do it. In their efforts many laid aside their own ideas and sought for what more you had to say to this people and for the sake of the lost sheep remnants of this land and of Israel. You revealed more and we accept those words from you. We accept all the additions of words received from you by the gift and power of your spirit to the many who received it. We reject all the later changes not inspired by your spirit, including deletions, reductions, and neglect of these your words.

With this word from you we offer our labors to you for your acceptance, correction, or rejection. Our labor is simply an amalgamation that is the whole of the original ‘Governing Principles’ document, added to or expanded ONLY by that which you have given as an increase to our inheritance of your words in this day, nothing more and nothing less. We express our desire to repent and accept all of your words as you have seen fit to deliver them. You have told us that if we could not do this work that we would be unable to perform the greater works on this path back to the beginning. Without your word we will be unable to move forward or become as one people in you. We have done this work to fulfill your command to us and we have sought to repent and receive all that you have, in your mercy and wisdom, condescended to reveal to us.

We compile these things, O Lord, into one work designed to bless, benefit, and inform the lost sheep remnants of this land and of Israel. It is not a perfect work, it is not everything you could reveal we know but we thank you for your mercy to condescend to reveal these few things we are able to receive and we plead with you for your word upon them to all the covenant people even to your acceptance, correction, or your rejection. We fear not your chastisement but face it boldly that we might have our hearts changed and knit as one by your word to us. We plead for your corrections, according to the wisdom that is in you, and for you to receive our weak effort and couple it with your power to make this thing mighty unto the deliverance of the lost sheep remnants of this land and of Israel, deliverance from their prisons of unbelief and to restore them unto you, the God of this land, even Jesus Christ. Deliver us, O Lord, from the blindness of our minds and the hardness of our hearts, and grant us your forgiveness that we may return again and be restored to, and abide in, your covenant. We look to you, O God, to make us one. We have failed to do so and we have failed to flee the trappings of this world, even the devil himself, who has given us to fight and contended and to jar and to do all manner of evil against your work, all while proclaiming your hand and your will revealed. We cannot be yours and do the works of Satan. We plead with you to cast that devil out from among us and teach us to bind him and cast him outside of our hearts that there be no place for him even until you come in your glory with our brothers and sisters in heaven that the family may be one on earth and peace reign until the end comes. Please grant us forgiveness that we may be found able, and willing, to establish a place of peace and safety, a refuge from the coming storm where all who will refuse to take up arms against their NEIGHBORS may flee and learn of your ways and walk in your paths. Forgive us of our rejection of your words. Forgive us of our stubborn and prideful ways that we seek all to often to set ourselves up as a light instead of holding up the only true light which is in You—that it may dwell in us also. We have done all the things you have asked us not to; we fight and we compel, we demand that others get on board and we share judgement when those invitations are rejected. We are filled with violence and censure, control, compulsion, and unrighteous dominion. We do not know how you will bring zion with this people but we plead that you will forgive us and save us from these our many sins. Restore us unto this covenant made new as we repent and accept all your words from whatever source they have come in this process. You have revealed and inspired this people much in spite of our mis use and lack of understanding regarding the revelations you give us. Father Ahman, forgive us please in the name of thy son!

We acknowledge before you that all may not agree with this statement and this prayer and that all may not accept this work as their guide and standard. We have no desire to compel others to accept this or to do anything other than declare what we believe to be true and from you. We declare the acceptance of those who have, and do, agree and accept this to be mutual and binding upon them and we declare our willingness to accept this statement into our scriptures and to receive any further correction and/or rebuke we have merited for our awful behavior. We believe that this statement of principles—like an unaltered U.S.Constitution could have guided the nation—can guide your people, if we will repent and demonstrate ourselves to be a moral and godly people, and that it can lead us from this small step into the coming truths necessary to bring again zion. We believe this preliminary and temporal step has been given to lead us into the gospel of Abraham. These rules to guide are not all eternal, in spite of it containing many eternal contents, but they are founded upon principles that have been ordained from the beginning to restore a lost and fallen people to the truth as it is had in you, O God, even Ahman the Eternal Father! With this we cry out to you in the name of Son Ahman that you may hear and answer our plea according to your abundant mercies and infinite wisdom in dealing as a perfect Father with your wayward and foolhardy children, Amen.


We plead with all, by means of invitation, to offer this prayer to the Lord as was given. We do not know how or through who He may choose to answer, and hope each will ask if the answer is to come through you. If so praise be to God!


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