Restorationist Paper 1

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Please add your own testimony to persuade by pure knowledge that the invitation is to all our covenant Brothers and Sisters to restore the process unfinished with the August 5th Guide and Standard as an expression of our understanding of His Will—That we may unitedly petition the Lord our God in the same way the balance of the scriptures were presented, that we may obtain His voice and acceptance or correction on this labor presented according to His commands. To accomplish this, if you desire to do so, please add your name onto the list using the entry box on this page.

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Restorationist Paper 2

In regards to the Gospel Principals something from the Answer & Covenant comes to mind after reading the Restoration Paper 1. We labored, and attempted to come together in mutual agreement over what to add and what to remove. We afterwards presented the results to the Lord for approval. In doing so we were first told that our offering lacked many of his words and was riddled with errors throughout and also contained many things that were not of Him. He then offered some corrections and revelations before saying: “I, the Lord, say to you, with these additions, what you have gathered as scriptures are acceptable to me for this time, and contain many plain and precious things.” While our offering wasn’t perfect I note that it was nevertheless acceptable for his purposes for the present time. Is the document labored over titled Gospel Principals any different? In the end wasn’t there still disagreement regarding what to keep and what to remove? Wasn’t mutual agreement required of us there too? Well one difference is that while we presented the final draft of the scriptures to the Lord for approval and correction, the Guiding principles wasn’t. If the scriptures were acceptable to our Lord despite its deficiencies then why not the Gospel Principals document as well? Don’t we trust Him to respond to our request to accept the final draft of the Gospel Principals the same way He responded to the offered scriptures? Personally I wasn’t so hot on the final result that I had read. I felt better could and should be done and that there were important scriptural nuances that were not clarified that should be clarified. So what? Don’t we already know that more will be coming not only regarding the scriptures but regarding this document as well which will be part of our scriptures? We never even presented the efforts of our labors to Him for His approval in the first place! Is our first offering designed or required to be without errors or to contain all of His words or even words that are only His? It wasn’t for the scriptures and He has said that He can bring us all to knowledge and wisdom to fix such things and that we are to look upon our brother with charity. Instead isn’t our first offering designed to reveal the disposition and desires of our hearts and to show whether we are humble and have charity? I am now persuaded and believe that what we have is acceptable for now and desire to present it to Him for approval in faith that in doing so he will respond and correct this offering the same way he did the scriptures offering. -Daniel Motola

Restorationist Paper 3

I am amazed at the labor of this document. The questions offered are very thought provoking. Why wasn’t the Aug 5 document submitted to the Lord? I really want to know what He has to say about it. I know God will give us an answer. I do not see how starting over again will change the outcome. Already 3 different attempts have failed to bring about 100% agreement, but not one of those attempts had been offered to the Lord for His acceptance or rejection. My heart is saddened and I fear we will take too long to complete the assignment. I pray for God’s will to be done. Dear Father, if I am in error then please show me the way. Please help us to soften our hearts to hear your voice and know your will. Please be with all my brothers and sisters and help us to reach a ‘mutual agreement’ and know it is your will we are accepting. In the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

  • Tania Leavitt

Restorationist Paper 4


As I have labored for days and weeks with everything regarding the Guide and Standard, I have felt dispire and true sadness. I have prayed that the Lord would show me what to do. To soften my heart and to teach me. This Restoring the Guide and Standard of August 5, 2017 is the answer that the Lord has given me. When I read it my heart rejoiced beyond measure. I desire to take this to the Lord. We have nothing to lose and so much to gain. I have faith and trust that the Lord will tell us where to go from here. He wants us to succeed. I am not afraid of His answer, I welcome it. I desire only to serve Him and go forward.

– Bunnie Erickson

Restorationist Paper 5

Hello All, I appreciate all the thought and time that went into the summary you provided about the original process of developing a statement of governing principles and your proposal to vote on the August 5 document. Above all, I am hoping and praying for some unity between the two groups, i.e. (1) those in favor of the August 5 document and (2) those in favor of the “new path forward” proposal on ‘To the Remnant’. As I pondered how unity might be achieved between the two groups, I wrote the following in a discussion group where the majority seem to be in favor of the “new path forward” proposal. I wanted to offer you these thoughts to see if there might be some potential for the two groups to come to an agreement that they both feel good about. Here was my first comment in the other discussion group: “Is there some way we can merge the two camps? What were the objections to the various GP drafts? Was it that they got too specific on practices? What if we basically distill out the principles from the August GP and submit those over the next two weeks on the website? Then, perhaps we can make efforts at communication between the two camps in a way that we can settle on a statement of principles (of the style proposed by the new i.e. current effort) that still preserves the essence of the August GP document?” I followed up later with this comment: “Just want to reiterate what I wrote above, but maybe elaborate a little. I see where people are coming from on the Aug 5 document. Admittedly, I need to go back and review it. But I still think there’s a way to move forward to a mutual agreement between the two camps. I really like the ideas presented on totheremnant and I felt good about it. On the other hand, it is very open ended and we risk producing an unwieldy vineyard that cannot be pruned. What if we do this: Let’s use the forum framework set up on But how about we use the Aug 5 document as our source material to help limit the scope. We’ll basically distill out the principles there, submit them to the site, go through the procedure proposed on the webpage and produce essentially another version of the Aug 5 document. We can even use the Aug 5 preamble, but this second version will be focused on the more general principles implicit in the Aug 5 document. The second version can reference pearls of great price and the scriptures where people can find the details about practice. But then the statement of principles remains just that – a statement of principles, leaving the details of practice to the scriptures. Then, we can bring both versions of the Aug 5 document before the Lord and the body of believers and see if we can gain approval from the Lord and mutual agreement from the body of believers in one of the two documents. What do you all think??” And finally, a third and final comment I made: “…What if we make a good faith effort to preserve as much as possible of the essence (meaning the principles) of the Aug 5 document? The only purpose of the forum process then would be to refine the wording and specifics of all the principles such that a maximum of the Aug 5 document is preserved while eliminating specifics about practices that could change or be slightly different between fellowships. Better yet, the ultimate purpose of the forum process would be to bring all into mutual agreement rather than a majority in favor and another appreciable portion who were just kind of giving in for the sake of preserving the peace. This seems to me like the ultimate resolution of differences between the two camps. Let’s give everyone the opportunity in the forum to provide input on the individual principles in the Aug 5 document. Then let’s take a look at the two documents and see what we have.” What are your thoughts about this path to consensus and harmony between the two groups? In fellowship and with respect, Ryan Roper

Restorationist Paper 6

I support the idea of taking the August Guide and Standard to the Lord before proceeding with any other process. The Lord will tell us what is acceptable to Him and what is not. We will not be in any worse condition than we currently are and can proceed with a new process if it is not what He would like. If it is not acceptable to the Lord, it will answer any question regarding it being acceptable and we can proceed. If we don’t ask, we won’t know. On the other hand, if we ask and it is acceptable, then who are we to go against that and say it isn’t? If it is acceptable, it is acceptable, regardless of opinions as to its condition. I feel we have been given revelation from Jeff Savage in the original Governing Principles and again in the new Guide and Standard from August. Those who worked on this sacrificed and grew as individuals; I respect their work and sacrifice. I believe that revelation from God can come to an individual and a group together working on a common goal. Those at the meetings reported amazing experiences of light. We should expect this and we should expect it to continue, if we continue to humble ourselves and practice Christlike behavior. I trust their revelations and respect their individual efforts. I believe this test is more than just the document itself. It is a test in our behavior towards each other. Will we trust each other? Will we trust that others can receive revelation from God? This is a test to see if we can trust, respect, and treat others with dignity and love while working together for a common goal. As we grow and learn as a people, we will get better at principles in practice. 91% agreement is a major accomplishment, as said in the paper. Why don’t we ask the Lord if it is enough and not rely on our own flesh? He knows the hearts of everyone and can tell us if it is acceptable. If it is not acceptable, then we can repent and together can decide on a process to continue. Natali Gibson

Restorationist Paper 7

Good morning folks, I shared the below in a couple of public forums, but felt inclined to share it directly with you today: As we yet remain rather divided on the subject of the GP/GS/etc, I’ve pondered for the last several days how we might end this division and reconcile. The Lord’s answer suggests that we contritely bring our dispute to him, and hear his part. Implicit in this is the possibility that if a dispute still exists, it’s possible neither side has yet heard His part. Anyway, I’d love to pray with any and every one of you, most especially those who have taken a position different from mine. As schedules and distances make that challenging, I’ve recorded and transcribed the prayer Mai and I offered tonight so that any of you fine brothers and sisters so inclined can join in petitioning the Lord to heal this division. The idea I have in mind is sort of a virtual prayer meeting spread over the next few days, where you will now have read the prayer I offered, and if you’re inclined to share your prayers with me, as though we were in the same room kneeling together and praying aloud, I’d like that very much. If there is a way any of us can bring this more physically into the real world over the next several days — schedule permitting on all sides, I’d like that even more. I’d love to get together in person, or on video conference, or on the phone, or via carrier pigeon to ask the Lord to heal us. Fair warning on reading my prayer; I only edited the most egregious problems with the written form. All of the run-ons, danglers, awkward transitions, etc. remain in tact, just as though you were here in my living room with me tonight. My prayer can be downloaded as a PDF at:

Grace and peace to you all. I regard you as brothers and sisters in Christ. Please pray with me. I love you more than I love whatever process I’ve advocated or votes I’ve cast in the past. I believe God can bring us back together, as one. -Taylor Child