(UPDATED) Answer from The Lord for Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs

It has come to our attention that the anonymous person who has received the Answer from the Lord for Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs has been impressed to receive more of the word of the Lord! We are grateful to receive any and all of His word and do receive this as such. We have, therefore, made the corrections offered to us by His invitation. We are posting below the full Answer combined in one PDF (original Answer received 11-28-2017 and additional words to us received on 12-3-2017). The new information is contained on the last 6 pages.


ANSWER AND REBUKE - An Answer to the Prayer for Guide and Standard Nonmancaaf Swhafugs dated November 16, 2017


PDF Version of the Lord’s Answer and Additional corrections from Him

Additionally we have consolidated the completed work of Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs into one PDF (link below) which contains (in order):

  1. The fully updated Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs
  2. The introductory post submitted on the G&S Blogspot
  3. The Summary History for Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs
  4. The Lord’s requested Prayer for Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs
  5. The Lord’s Answer for Guide and Standard – Nonmancaaf Swhafugs (fully received in 2 parts dated 11-28-2017 and 12-3-2017)

We love you all and hope this information (in one file) is helpful as we work to finish doing as the Lord has directed. (Sometime in the next few weeks we will request/perform a general vote including every G&S document offered to date EQUALLY and UNPREJUDICED as per the Lord’s invitation to us)

Nonmancaaf Swhafugs—G&S-Intro-History-Prayer-Answer

This work is now also available in booklet form on Amazon.com for $5.38. (Here’s the link)

Guide and Standard

As it turns out, it is cheaper to print a booklet than on paper at our local library! This is the lowest price we could get and so any and all Babylonian ‘royalties’ will be donated to the poor (meaning someone other than us personally) 🙂